Match Report
Loretto School Mixed-U12A vs  Fettes College
On: Sunday, 25 Jun 2017
Venue: Away

Each race had 8 or 9 competitors depending on ages. 1st-3rd got medals. Lots of results but the ones to note are:


Indigo- 3rd in 200m, 1st in 100m

Camilla- 2nd in HJ

Robyn- 5th in ball throw


Megan C- 2nd in 200m, 3rd in 400m

Izzy CM- 3rd in HJ, 2nd in 100m

Harry E- 3rd in 200m, 4th in 100m by milliseconds


Lucy D- 4th in 100m

Callum B- 3rd in HJ

Rex C- 4th in LJ

Theo C- 7th/9 in U14 (and he's only 11)

Isla Y


Amy W- 4th in LJ, 3rd in 600m

Josh R- 4th in LJ, 4th in ball throw

Eleanor R- 3rd in HJ

Rory La- 2nd in 600m, 3rd in HJ

Zoe C- 4th in ball throw

Rory Li- 5th in 150m

Imogen C


Matilda- 4th in LJ, 5th in 150m

Ashleigh- 4th in 600m

Isabelle P- 3rd in ball throw

Finlay- 5th in ball throw

Alex- 5th in 600m, 7th in 75m

Issy TM